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2016 Memorial Team Tournament

The Texas Bandits, led by Captain Brian Bissillion, finished seven games ahead of the Alberta Clippers and for the second consecutive year are the overall winner of the Memorial Team Tournament. There were 12 teams in the tournament which is split into two divisions. 

The second division was won by The Northern Gypsies captained by Ken Wardley who had brought in two highly ranked players(Carol and Carl Howell) from Missouri to fill in his team.  The Gypsies finished two points ahead of the Roadrunners team captained by Al Plante.


Overall winner was Team Texas Bandits - captain Brian Bissillion

Champions Blue Division - Az Bandits ^
Back L>R: Earl Doell, Brian Fitzpatrick, Pete Hildebrand, Brian Bissillion
Front L>R: Sheryl Doell, Bill Piett, Eileen Hildebrand, Gina Bissillion

Second Overall Place went to the Alberta Clippers - captains Brian Scott and Dale Robinson

Alberta Clippers finished second in Blue Division ^
Back L>R: Bob Lockwood, Brad Sawchuk, Frank Stokowski, Dale Robinson, Brian Scott, Arnold McKernon
Front L>R: Adele Stokowski, Betty Weischorster, Linda Robinson, Helen Scott, Dorothy McKernon


First Place in the Red Division: Northern Gypsies - captain Ken Wardley

Northern Gypsies finished first in the Red Division ^
Back L>R: Dave Crucq, Doug Mowat, Lloyd Sandau, Carl Howell, Ken Wardley, Dale Dunlop
Front L>R: Marg Mowat, Carol Sandau, Carol Howell, Verena Wardley

Second Place in the Red Division: Road Runners - captain Al Plante

The Road Runners finished second t in the Red Division ^
Back L>R: Al Plante, Barry Aldous, Dale Hoople, Stan Collier, Hugh Palmer, Doug Noad
Front L>R: Andy Nikoliashyn, Anne Severson, Maxine Nill, Lorraine Swain, Chris Palmer