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June 2013 Singles Tournament


Good Fellowship, excellent competition, and great food were enjoyed by the 88 participants from across Western Canada and Washington as they participated in Western Canada's longest running Court Shuffleboard Tournament. Newly appointed tournament director, Jack Sell, worked to accommodate everyone's needs and he wishes to thank all the workers that helped make this event a tremendous success. We look forward to seeing you in the August Doubles!

A Event Winners:

  1. Howard Dugan
  2. Verena Wardley
  3. Ray Schepp
  4. Brian Scott

B Event Winners:

  1. Gordon Potter
  2. Helen Scott
  3. Aime Archer
  4. LeRoy Bell

C Event Winners: 

  1. Shirley Tucker
  2. Marjorie Bosch
  3. Brian Fitzpatrick
  4. Olga Aussant

D Event Winners: 

  1. Bill Sanquin
  2. Peter Palko
  3. Marlene Cowley
  4. Arnold Empey