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June 2014 Singles Tournament

There were 84 players participating in the June singles tournament held at Innsifail Alberta June 9-12th.  Participants came from across western Canada and USA. There were several players participating in their first Alberta tournament as well as many returning players who are no longer snowbirds and enjoy the opportunity to socialize with their previous winter friends.

Tournament Results:

A Event

1) Ernie McCormack

2) Brian Scott

3) Lorne Bell

4) Aime Archer


B Event

1) Howard Dugan

2) Merrill Miller

3) Walter Chadwick

4) Marie Empey


C Event

1) Bert Routhier

2) Fern Dugan

3) Maxine Nill

4) Verena Wardley


D Event

1) Brian Bissillion

2) Coley Aldrich

3) Cheryl Palko

4) Pat Rathgeber